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As an engineer, ongoing efforts at professional development is a necessity in order to effectively serve the needs of clients. As professionals who invent, design, build and test machinery as well as analyse complex systems and structures to fulfil functional objectives, upskilling ensures engineers are up to date on current industry practices and technological advances.  At SynergenOG, we offer a variety of workshop facilitation and training programmes for engineers in...
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Platform worker on an offshore rig
Established in 2012 by co-founders Dr. Keith Bell and Puvan Balasubramaniam, SynergenOG is the go-to engineering consultancy for impartial and honest advice on oil and gas HSE issues. The company bridges the divide between design, engineering and operations, with technical understanding and analytical power.  Our team of professionals combine decades of experience in both onshore and offshore, helping clients resolve engineering challenges.  We develop meaningful solutions taking them through to...
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It’s been a great honour for SynergenOG working with Japan’s Chiyoda Corporation on the Pilot Hydrogenation Plant Project. The project utilises imported hydrogen from Brunei and has since started providing clean fuel for the gas turbine power generators of Toa Oil Co in Kawasaki, near Tokyo. In order to meet the local COMAH regulatory requirements in Brunei, SynergenOG completed the Safety Case and Safety Studies for the hydrogenation plant. We...
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The Seven Skills of the Future
According to economist and managing director, Saadia Zahidi of the World Economic Forum, the skills of the future are likely to be Analytical Thinking, Complex Problem-Solving, Innovation, Collaboration, Active Learning, Technology & Design, and Creativity. These seven flexible skills make an impact on an organisation’s ability to move forward and to weather through the storm of an unpredictable future. At SynergenOG, we think that this is a highly interesting way...
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The pandemic could have a profound effect on gender equality at work and at home – if only businesses learn the right lesson. Despite our increasingly modern society, gender bias still exists throughout the world (save for parts of Europe and Nordic countries). The stereotype of mothers being the sole caregiver at home and fathers being work to the bone is slowly becoming outdated, yet the stigma remains in many...
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