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process safety software

Process Safety Software

In today’s industrial landscape, ensuring the safety of personnel, assets, and the environment is paramount. Companies across various sectors, from petrochemicals to manufacturing, are turning to cutting-edge Process Safety Software Solutions to mitigate risks, prevent accidents, and streamline operations. These comprehensive software solutions are designed to address the complexities of managing safety in high-risk industries, integrating powerful features that enhance safety protocols and compliance.

Investing in Process Safety Software Solutions is an investment in the long-term viability of your organization. By mitigating risks, ensuring compliance, and optimizing processes, these solutions not only protect your workforce but also contribute to improved operational efficiency and sustainability.

SynergenOG Process Safety Software Solutions


eSafetyCase_software structure

The development of safety cases requires extensive effort and time, involving multiple parties, and often ends up being underutilized after fulfilling corporate or government requirements.

To address this issue, SynergenOG developed eSafetyCase software, an electronic platform that allows operators to host live information related to safety cases and their management. 

The software incorporates important safety information related to the facility, including facilities overview, major accident hazards, risk assessment, safety-critical elements, emergency response, and safety management system. It also provides an interactive and intuitive dashboard for both management personnel and the workforce, enabling constant reference, monitoring, and efficient updates. 


ActSyn(SynergenOG Action Tracking Management System)

ActSYN™ is an action-tracking management system developed by SynergenOG. It is designed to revolutionize the way organizations track and manage actions, ensuring visibility, compliance, communication, and risk mitigation across various industries. 

This software framework allows companies to meticulously document, track, and report all types of actions, ranging from major events like board decisions and HSE incidents to smaller events such as meetings, continuous improvement projects, audits, and quality assessments.

ActSYN™ records relevant information related to the raised actions, including background information, categorization of the action, user-defined categories for the responsible department and location, action parties, and supporting document attachments. 



SynAC&E™ (Automated Cause & Effect Solutions) is a software developed by SynergenOG to enhance efficiency and streamline processes by incorporating automated search and lookup functions into Process Cause & Effects (C&E) analysis.

This innovative solution empowers operations teams to quickly access and filter initiating safety elements within the C&E, facilitating a more efficient and effective approach to managing and addressing potential issues.


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