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SynergenOG Brunei Power Station HAZOP Study
SynergenOG is excited to announce a significant expansion into the broader energy sectors as part of our strategic vision to diversify our clientele beyond the traditional oil and gas industry. This move is a testament to our confidence in the future and our ability to adapt to evolving market dynamics. In line with this expansion, we are thrilled to share that SynergenOG has been awarded a HAZOP Study for a...
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SynergenOG Brunei Shell Petroleum
SynergenOG is proud to announce a significant milestone in our partnership with Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP), emphasizing our leadership in process safety management consulting. Our Brunei office has secured a pivotal project focused on conducting comprehensive safety studies and workshops. This achievement underscores our expertise in risk assessment, process safety, and safety consulting within the oil and gas sector. Our commitment to delivering bespoke, strategic solutions tailored to BSP’s operational...
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SynergenOG Brunei Team Supports Local Animal Welfare Through Food Bank Donation | CSR Event 2024
In a heartwarming demonstration of community support, the SynergenOG Brunei team recently conducted a significant corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative aimed at aiding local stray animals. The team collaborated with Love Paw Sanctuary, a notable local animal shelter, to set up a food bank donation. This initiative provided much-needed support in the form of food supplies, greatly alleviating the shelter’s operational pressures and ensuring better care for the animals. The...
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SynergenOG - Empowering Safety in Cameroon
As a prominent industry leader in providing process safety management consultancy, we’ve acquired a new client – an esteemed Oil Operator in Cameroon. This breakthrough signifies an exciting expansion into a new market, as SynergenOG continues to solidify its global footprint in the field of process safety. Through unparalleled services, SynergenOG has once again demonstrated its ability to cater to a broad spectrum of industry demands, going beyond geographical confines....
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Chim Sao Field Safety Case SynergenOG
In a significant move towards reinforcing operational safety and compliance, SynergenOG has successfully completed a comprehensive Safety Case Addendum Update for the Chim Sao Field Facilities in Vietnam. This pivotal project, executed on behalf of Harbour Energy, highlights SynergenOG’s continued commitment to enhancing safety standards and operational reliability within the oil and gas sector. The Chim Sao Field, a critical asset in Vietnam’s energy infrastructure, demands the highest levels of...
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