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Operationalising HSE Cases in the Workplace

A Safety Case (also known as the HSE case) is a document produced by the operator of a facility to identify the hazards and risks and describes how risks are controlled, including the safety management system to ensure safety controls are effectively applied.

The safety case implementation has been around for a long time, especially in places where it is regulated. The development of a safety case usually requires considerable effort and time and the involvement of multiple parties. In addition, the outcome of the exercise is usually underutilised once developed to fulfil corporate or government requirements.

In an effort to integrate the safety case into the facility’s day-to-day operation, we have developed an Electronic Safety Case software to allow operators to host live information relating to the safety case and its management simple and clear. The improved access to this information is vital in increasing the awareness and application of safety case data throughout the workforce, encouraging their participation in upholding the facility’s safety.

Both management personnel and the workforce can easily access the software dashboard.

The structure of our software allows the hosting of important safety information related to the facility, including:

  • Facilities Overview
  • Major Accident Hazards
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety-Critical Element
  • Emergency Response
  • Safety Management System

The software is interactive and intuitive to encourage all stakeholders, new and old, to use it throughout the organisation. The software also enables all employees and management the ability for constant, effortless reference, monitoring, and updates, done simultaneously and effectively.

Furthermore, it replaces the traditional rollout of safety cases to all employees and be used as a basis for toolbox talks, job safety analysis, induction, and auditing purposes.

eSafetyCase_software structure

The software will incorporate the use of 3D model not only to better feature the facility in its entirety but also to demonstrate the different emergency situations that might arise in the facility. Consequently, it will include the dedicated escape path and evacuation arrangements to be taken in such situations. A robust and flexible solution that is easy to use, navigate and implement is crucial for all stakeholders. We will include notification alerts and link many other solutions together forming a comprehensive network of user interfaces. The solution can be incredibly helpful to raise awareness of emergency response arrangements amongst workers without having to perform full drills.

Furthermore, the software will complement Safety Case studies for any facility. Our certification course on Safety Case, delivered through SOG Academy will enhance the utility of our software.

Some main Features incorporated are:

  • Definition of multiple access levels· Web-based platform accessible on various handheld devices
  • Simplifies integration of management system implementation in the day-to-day operation
  • Quick access to emergency checklists and procedures
  • Visualisation of safety barriers easing the identification of gaps

To learn more or schedule a demonstration, kindly contact us, and our specialist will get in touch with you.

eSafetyCase_main features
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