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  • Provision of adequate resources and commitment to develop and maintain positive health and safety culture, environmental protection, quality enhancement, and community goodwill;
  • Fostering ethos of continual improvement aimed at minimising quality nonconformances and HSE accidents;
  • Continual benchmarking of company performance against set quality and HSE performance objectives;
  • Nurturing the involvement, consultation and support of our workers to further strengthen our existing QHSE practices;
  • Compliance with all legal and other requirements applicable to our operations;
  • Communication of our QHSE policy throughout the company and to interested parties; and
  • Attentively work with our customers and suppliers to establish the highest QHSE standards
QHSE Policy synergenog

Our QHSE Policy Explained

Comply with all applicable legal and other requirements

This is critical in ensuring social and environmental responsibility.  It is our insistence that all associates, including suppliers and/or contractors, behave in a legal and ethical manner. SynergenOG suppliers and/or contractors shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations where business is conducted.

Follow a concept of continual improvement

SynergenOG encourage all associates, including suppliers and/or contractors, to focus on self-assessment, internal ownership and self-accountability and view social and environmental responsibility as a journey of continual improvement.

Communicate our QHSE policy throughout the company & interested parties

SynergenOG acknowledges that the disciplines of Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) management are an integral part of its management function.  SynergenOG views these as a primary duty and key to good business in embracing suitable quality standards, prevention of injuries, ill health and pollution. 

Ensure safety of associates, subcontractors & those in contact with our work

It is our policy and practice to provide safe, environmentally sound workplaces that will not adversely affect the health or safety of the communities in which we operate.  All SynergenOG associates, including suppliers and/or contractors, shall not perform work that is likely to jeopardise their health or safety, while emphasising proper management of health and safety by communicating best practices and lessons learned.

Attentively establish the highest QHSE standards with customers & suppliers

SynergenOG is committed to providing an unmatched client experience; focus on the upkeep of client satisfaction and continual improvement as integral to everything we do.

Train staff in the needs & responsibilities of QHSE management

Suppliers and/or contractors shall ensure that their employees, if any, receive appropriate training and instructions in order to ensure work is performed in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner.

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