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Explosion Expertise

One of the primary hazards on any hydrocarbon-centric facility is an ignited release of flammable hydrocarbons following an inadvertent loss of containment or non-routine activity.  In the presence of sufficient levels of confinement and congestion, such ignited events would lead to explosions capable of causing multiple fatalities, substantial degree of asset damage and unavailability of critical safety systems. Hence understanding the consequences of explosions (typically expressed in the form of explosive overpressure) as well as identification of explosion ‘hotspots’ are key for any such facility.  This allows the facility to provide targeted explosion mitigation measures to reduce the effects of explosions.

Explosion in a oil rig in the sea services

SynergenOG adopts a unique approach to evaluating explosions, utilising a combination of both 2D (in the form of PHAST modelling software by DNV GL) and 3D (utilising FLACS software from Gexcon). This approach allows SynergenOG to tailor the level of detail desired by our clients in terms of potential explosions overpressures upon specific safety critical targets. This also benefits our clients by optimising the time necessary to build up and run our models, without sacrificing the overall quality of the assessment.

In the area of explosions assessment SynergenOG is able to assist with the following:

  • Probabilistic explosions analysis
  • Exceedance curves
  • Modelling of specific high impact explosions scenarios
  • Explosion design accidental loads
  • Explosion mitigation and layout optimisation

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