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bowtie analysis

Bow tie Analysis - Barrier Based Risk Management

In the dynamic oil and gas industry, there is increasing adoption of the bow tie analysis to comprehend and convey key risk control measures across various facilities. Be it an offshore oil and gas platform, a mine, or a manufacturing plant, the bow-tie method offers valuable insights into risk mitigation.

It is a powerful tool that employs visual representations to illustrate the intricate relationship between various elements of risk management:

Visualizing Relationships and Consequences

Bow-tie diagrams represent the intricate relationship between potential threats, the preventive and control barriers in place, and the ultimate consequences associated with each Major Accident Hazard (MAH). These diagrams provide a holistic view that enables a deeper understanding of risk control measures.

Identifying and Addressing Escalation Factors

In addition to illustrating the existing preventive and control barriers, bow-tie diagrams highlight potential escalation factors that may compromise the effectiveness or reliability of a barrier. By identifying these factors, organizations can proactively implement control measures to prevent or mitigate their detrimental effects.

Enhancing Risk Management Practices

The oil and gas industry can significantly enhance its risk management practices by utilising the bow-tie approach. This method allows organizations to identify, assess, and communicate critical risk control measures, promoting a proactive approach to safety and reducing potential accidents.

SynergenOG - Bow Tie Services

SynergenOG is your go-to partner for harnessing the power of the bow-tie method in the oil and gas industry. Our specialized services are designed to help you visualize and manage risks effectively, ensuring the safety of your facilities

What we do

Bow-Tie Risk Analysis

  • Potential Threats: We identify and analyze potential threats specific to your operations.
  • Preventive/Control Barriers: We map out the preventive and control barriers in place to mitigate these threats, ensuring layers of protection.
  • Ultimate Consequences: We visualize the ultimate consequences associated with Major Accident Hazards (MAH) in the event of barrier failures.

Escalation Factor Identification

Beyond its visual appeal, Bow-Tie diagrams help us identify potential escalation factors that could compromise the effectiveness and reliability of your barriers. We then implement additional control barriers to prevent or mitigate the impact of these escalation factors.

  • Pinpointing factors that can compromise barrier effectiveness
  • Developing strategies to prevent or mitigate escalation

Barrier Effectiveness Enhancement

  • Evaluating existing control barriers
  • Recommending improvements for better reliability
  • Strengthening risk control measures

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