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Highly Motivated

SynergenOG is proud to have a team of highly motivated, experienced and dedicated individuals who have both the knowledge and the experience in delivering the best value to our clients. Our team members love what they do and it reflects in the way they do their job. Our multi-disciplined engineers are experienced in a wide range of topics so as to cover every aspect of the Oil and Gas industry.

Collective Experience

The company’s experience is in the people who make up SynergenOG, the heartbeat of the organisation. Personnel of the highest calibre share their knowledge, skills and come together to bring a wide range of experiences that inform the work that we deliver to our clients. These experiences are applied across the energy industry, with particular emphasis on onshore and offshore facilities.

Top Quality

Any company of distinction knows that nothing beats quality. With SynergenOG we strive for excellence in everything that we do. We consistently meet and manage client expectations through an outstanding work ethic that translates into satisfied clients and a fulfilled workforce, not to mention brilliant engineering. Well, it certainly makes our clients repeat customers, and that’s recognition enough. 

Across the Globe

With subsidiaries and offices in six strategic locations across Asia Pacific and the UK — Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Brunei, Yangon and Aberdeen, SynergenOG engineering consultancy is involved in a variety of design and operational activities in the energy industry. This gives us a totally global perspective on client needs, the technology involved, and the challenges of the industry in these parts of the world.

SynergenOG's Story

Engineering Consultants

SynergenOG — the engineering consultants company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur — believes in getting the job done through high quality thorough assessments, using its core team’s engineering knowhow and experience.

The year 2012 brought together two of the experienced engineering minds to form SynergenOG, an engineering and consultancy company specialising in the Energy Industry.

Co-founders Dr. Keith Bell and Puvan Balasubramaniam are both chemical engineers with enormous experience in process safety and technical risk management. Together, they decided to create a client-centric organisation dedicated to bringing about a step change in process safety and create greater awareness in the energy industry.

Engineering Consultants | process safety

Process Safety

Empowered with a team of experienced engineers, SynergenOG’s services in process safety brings together engineering and operational skills to manage design and operations efficiently.

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Engineering Consultants | loss prevention

Loss Prevention

SynergenOG specialises in designing measures which are aimed at preventing or minimising loss from hazardous activities. The team specialises in loss prevention activities, thus enabling clients to not only avoid untoward incidents

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Engineering Consultants | operational safety

Operational Safety

Synergen OG also has a dedicated team with years of significant experience in the industry to provide operational support to clients. The team is continuously provided with a range of hands-on training to ensure the client is provided with the best services at all times.

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Key Differentiators

We offer a unique blend of technical assessment and practical operational experience, giving each project the holistic treatment.

Our clients find the team of engineers at SynergenOG independent, flexible and highly responsive to the niche needs of each project.

Forging ‘partnership’ collaborations with each of SynergenOG’s clients means we can achieve meaningful and specific project results.

With expertise with oil & gas facilities — onshore, offshore, subsea, fixed, drilling and floating — serving Asia Pacific, Africa and South America. 

Providing high-quality services focused on compliance, safety and asset longevity; mindful of balancing project cost and project productivity.

Well-versed in support and design of Greenfield, Brownfield developments from Concept, FEED and Detailed Design to Operations.

Commitment to technical accuracy, with company procedures certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

SynergenOG strives to provide clients with value for money and cost competitive services — a plus point for stakeholders and bottomlines.

We've served well over 70 clients since we began in 2012.

Vital Stats

We love numbers. It can speak volumes. SynergenOG’s numbers showcase our global reach, expertise and dedication to the work that we do. 

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