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Hazardous Area Classification

Hazardous Area Classification

Hazardous Area Classification is important in preventing explosions caused by flammable substances such as gases, vapours, mists, and dust. It involves assessing and categorizing plant areas based on their potential for hazardous conditions and identifying and controlling potential ignition sources.

The first step is to determine sources of flammable gas or vapour release during normal or unplanned operations. The classification of these areas helps determine the appropriate zone type and equipment, while the remaining areas are classified as non-hazardous or “safe areas” in line with industry standards like API 505 or EI 15.

Preventing Explosions

Hazardous Area Classification plays a pivotal role in explosion prevention. By identifying areas where flammable substances may be present, proper controls and precautions can be implemented to minimize the risk of ignition and subsequent explosions. This technique aims to ensure the safety of personnel and protect the integrity of equipment and facilities.

Categorizing Hazardous Areas

The classification process involves systematically categorizing plant areas based on the likelihood of flammable substances being present and the potential for ignition. This categorization aids in selecting the appropriate zone type and ensures the use of suitable equipment and protective measures. Areas identified as non-hazardous or “safe areas” have lower risk levels and require different considerations in terms of safety measures.

Compliance with Standards

Industrial standards, such as API 505 or EI 15, provide guidelines for performing hazardous area classification. These standards help ensure consistency in the classification process and facilitate the selection and implementation of appropriate control measures. Compliance with these standards is essential to maintaining safe working environments and preventing accidents.

SynergenOG - Hazardous Area Classification - Your Safety, Our Priority

Preventing Explosions, Protecting Lives!

At SynergenOG, we understand the critical role that Hazardous Area Classification plays in explosion prevention. It’s the technique that stands between safety and catastrophe, preventing explosions caused by flammable gases, vapours, mists, dust, and more.

Our expertise lies in the systematic classification of plant areas into hazardous and non-hazardous zones. We identify and control ignition sources meticulously to safeguard your operations.

Our Process

  1. Identification of Release Sources: We start by pinpointing potential sources of flammable gas or vapour release, whether they arise from normal operations or unexpected incidents.
  2. Classification: Based on our assessment, we classify hazardous areas, aiding in the selection of suitable zone types and equipment.
  3. Safety Assurance: The remaining areas are designated as non-hazardous or ‘safe areas,’ aligning with industry standards like API 505 or EI 15.

Our commitment to your safety is unwavering. Choose SynergenOG for world-class Hazardous Area Classification services

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