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Across the world, economies are waking up from forced slumber, induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has caused many to be sluggish in their response whether it’s in the factory, plants, or oil platforms and rigs; leading to several disasters in 2020. This has exposed many of the public and organisations to the significance of Process Safety Management. Have we not learned from the world’s worst catastrophes in the chemical...
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The importance of technology in the oil and gas industry continues to evolve with the successful completion of BP’s “driver-less car”. The supermajor’s trial was conducted in Lingen, Germany. The driverless vehicle implemented software developed by a UK based company, Oxbotica – founded by two researchers from the University of Oxford in 2014. BP’s trial at the Lingen refinery oversaw the vehicle successfully navigate a variety of terrain which include...
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In 2020, we discussed how technology is revolutionising the energy sector. Automation, Data Science & Big Data, and BlockChain in cybersecurity played a major role for global industry players. SynergenOG is no stranger to tech. In fact, we have worked in an Interactive Fire Escape Route in 3D Animation for oil rigs. Read more about it here or click on the image below. Technologies used by major oil companies may have opened...
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An oil platform with a bright sunset in the background.
Development of Safety Cases Ensure a Reliable Hazard Management Process Safety cases have been an integral part of the oil and gas industry for years, following the Piper Alpha disaster in 1988. Oil & gas operators termed as ‘Dutyholders’ use safety cases to establish to a Regulator that there are effective means for ensuring safe operations of their facilities, and that these operations comply with the safety regulation regime.  In...
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Platform worker on an offshore rig
Established in 2012 by co-founders Dr. Keith Bell and Puvan Balasubramaniam, SynergenOG is the go-to engineering consultancy for impartial and honest advice on oil and gas HSE issues. The company bridges the divide between design, engineering and operations, with technical understanding and analytical power.  Our team of professionals combine decades of experience in both onshore and offshore, helping clients resolve engineering challenges.  We develop meaningful solutions taking them through to...
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