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The SynAC&E (Automated Cause & Effect) Solutions was developed to incorporate the automated search and lookup function into Process Cause & Effects (CC&E). These functions improve efficiency by enabling the operations team to quickly lookup and filter the initiating safety elements within the C&E, viewing the associated effects. 

SynergenOG is dedicated to providing the best technical solution with practical implementation for every client and project. We stand by this commitment with passion, industry best practices and intelligent technology to help manage, streamline and solve engineering problems in order to bridge design with technical execution. Our engineers worked closely with IT technologists to develop feasible software solutions in-house to ensure the products are according to safety and engineering specifications.

In this industry, diagnostics of potential issues are vital in averting scenarios from escalating to more severe events. SynergenOG’s automated Cause and Effect Solution (SynAC&E) was developed to incorporate automated search/lookup functions into the excel version of Process Cause and Effects (C&E) to: 

  • Improve efficiency
  • Streamline processes
  • Aid Operations team to quickly find and filter safety elements

SynAC&E is simple to use 

Input Required: 

  • Process Flow/Block Diagram
  • Cause & Effect Matrices

This video illustrates a brief workflow of the Automated Cause & Effect (AC&E) software. The effects of an associated cause can be searched by tag ID or by clicking on the relevant system. Information such as effects or notes  related to the specific “cause of interest” will subsequently be exported accordingly.


  • Simple search function
  • Searchable by tag number or system
  • Efficient Export of “Cause and Effect Sheet”


  • Reduce search time by 50%
  • Shorten Operator Response Time
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