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process safety readiness review

Readiness Review

The Readiness Review process is essential in ensuring safety, health, and environmental (SHE) compliance throughout the various stages of a project. By conducting structured engineering safety audits and addressing identified issues, companies can enhance safety, foster stakeholder confidence, comply with standards, and proactively resolve potential concerns.

Key Features of Readiness Review

Structured Engineering Safety Audit

The Readiness Review follows a specific, structured process that includes thorough engineering safety audits.

Stages of Assessment

The review is conducted at various stages of the project development lifecycle, including project initiation, concept design, FEED, detailed design/fabrication/construction, installation, hook-up/pre-commissioning/commissioning, and operations.

Identification of SHE Issues

The primary objective of the Readiness Review is to identify any significant safety, health, and environmental concerns that need attention.

Addressing Concerns

During the review, identified issues are addressed and resolved to ensure their satisfactory resolution.

SynergenOG - Ensuring Preparedness with Readiness Reviews

SynergenOG will conduct a comprehensive audit at key stages of your project’s lifecycle, including project initiation, concept design, FEED (Front-End Engineering Design), Detailed Design/Fabrication/Construction, Installation, Hook-up/Pre-commissioning/Commissioning, and operations.

The goal is to ensure that all significant Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) issues have been identified and are being satisfactorily addressed, providing assurance to company management and other stakeholders.

Assurance for Stakeholders

Readiness Reviews are not just audits; they are a source of assurance for company management and stakeholders.

Looking for structured Readiness Reviews? Let our experts guide you through the process.

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