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hazid review - hazid analysis


The HAZID study (HAZID Review)serves as a critical risk assessment method that identifies all Major Accident Hazards (MAH) associated with oil and gas facilities. The aim of this study is to pinpoint suitable risk control measures for people, the environment, and assets based on the process and layout. The study offers valuable insights in assessing and addressing HSE hazards in the oil and gas industry.

Input for Formal Safety Assessment

The identification and understanding of MAHs serves as a key input to the Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) of oil and gas facilities. This integration enables a more cohesive and comprehensive understanding of potential hazards, promoting a robust and proactive approach to safety management.

Early Identification and Assessment for Safer Design

HAZID offers a significant benefit by enabling the early identification and assessment of critical HSE hazards. This essential input provides valuable guidance for project development decisions, promoting the adoption of safer and more cost-effective design options without the need for later, more costly changes.

Promoting Safety and Cost-Effective Design

The HAZID study plays a crucial role in promoting safety and cost-effective design in the oil and gas industry. By comprehensively identifying MAHs and implementing suitable mitigative measures, the study enables organizations to prioritize safety and risk management, ultimately reducing the risk of major accidents and supporting cost-effective design options.

SynergenOG - Safeguarding Your Facilities with HAZID Studies

In the oil and gas industry, SynergenOG is your go-to resource for conducting HAZID Studies. Our expert services are designed to help you identify and mitigate Major Accident Hazards (MAH), ensuring the safety of people, the environment, and your assets.

Our HAZID Study Process

Our HAZID Study is a comprehensive process designed to enhance safety and minimize risks:

Identifying Major Accident Hazards: We systematically identify all Major Accident Hazards associated with your facilities, leaving no room for oversight.

Mitigative Measures: Our focus is on finding suitable mitigative measures to control risks effectively, ensuring the safety of personnel, the environment, and your valuable assets.

Informing Formal Safety Assessment (FSA): The identification and understanding of MAHs serves as a crucial input to the Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) of your facilities, contributing to informed decision-making.

Early Intervention for Safer Designs: The major benefit of HAZID is early hazard identification, which influences project development decisions. This proactive approach leads to safer and more cost-effective design options, eliminating the need for later, more costly design changes.

Comprehensive MAH Identification

  • Thorough assessment of facility-related hazards
  • Pinpointing MAHs that demand immediate attention
  • Ensuring a proactive approach to risk management

Mitigative Measures Development

  • Crafting effective strategies to control and mitigate identified risks
  • Focusing on safeguarding people, assets, and the environment
  • Providing a solid foundation for safer project development

FSA Support

  • Supplying critical input for Formal Safety Assessment (FSA)
  • Enhancing decision-making with early hazard identification
  • Facilitating cost-effective design choices


Choose SynergenOG for HAZID Studies that go beyond identification, providing you with the tools for safer, more efficient facilities. 

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