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Non-Hydrocarbon Hazard Analysis (NHHA)

Non-Hydrocarbon Hazard Analysis (NHHA)

In the oil and gas industry, Non-Hydrocarbon Related Hazard Assessment (NHA) is conducted to evaluate the various hazards that can occur within a facility.

The Significance of NHHA

NHHA extends safety measures to address a wide spectrum of hazards within your facility:

Comprehensive Hazard Assessment: Conducting a thorough assessment of non-hydrocarbon-related hazards leaving no potential risks unexplored.

Facility Safety: NHHA helps ensure the safety and well-being of personnel within the facility by identifying and mitigating non-hydrocarbon hazards.

Asset Protection: Beyond protecting personnel, NHHA safeguards assets and infrastructure from a variety of non-hydrocarbon threats.

SynergenOG NHHA Services

At SynergenOG, we are dedicated to prioritizing safety in the oil and gas industry through risk/hazard analysis methods. With a track record of success in assessing and mitigating non-hydrocarbon hazards, we ensure that your operations adhere to the highest safety standards.  Beyond the conventional concerns of hydrocarbon-related hazards, we recognize the importance of assessing Non-Hydrocarbon Hazard Analysis (NHHA). This assessment is conducted to evaluate the diverse hazards that can occur within an oil and gas facility.

Hazards Covered in NHA

The NHA assessment considers a range of non-hydrocarbon related hazard incidents that can potentially occur at a facility. Some examples of the hazards covered in this study include:

1. Helicopter Hazards

Evaluation of risks associated with helicopter operations at the facility.

2. Boat Transport Hazards

Assessment of hazards related to transportation by boat.

3. Occupational Risk

Identification and mitigation of risks to personnel working in various occupational roles.

4. Dropped Objects

Evaluation of potential hazards caused by objects dropped from height.

5. Rotating Equipment/Missiles

Assessment of risks associated with rotating equipment and projectiles.

6. Structural Failure

Analysis of potential hazards due to the failure of structures within the facility.

7. Mooring Failure

Evaluation of risks associated with the failure of mooring systems for vessels.

8. Non-Process Fires

Assessment and management of hazards related to fires not directly caused by the hydrocarbon process.

9. Loss of Stability

Identification and mitigation of risks related to the stability of structures or equipment.

10. Security Threats

Evaluation of potential security risks and threats to the facility.

Partner with SynergenOG to fortify your operations against non-hydrocarbon hazards. Learn more about NHHA Analysis.

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