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Lasting Prosperity

The Lunar New Year festivities are officially over, but our celebrations have not! Last Friday, we opened our doors to the symbol of power, wisdom and good fortune: The Lion Dance! The merriment was also joined in by the God of Prosperity and Wealth himself! We hope you enjoyed the holidays and remind you that, […]

Synergen OG spends Christmas with the children of Rumah Hope

As a part of SynergenOG’s corporate social responsibility, we ushered in Christmas a little earlier this year as we spent time with the children of Rumah Hope – a home for abused and neglected children. The SynergenOG team planned various activities to ensure that the children enjoy themselves. The children had a lot of fun […]

Collaboration with Sapura Energy Berhad

We are working with Sapura Energy Berhad, a Malaysian oil and gas services company for a Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) wellhead platform project in Brunei. The project will require SynergenOG to conduct a series of safety reviews and studies as part of the EPCI phase.. SynergenOG will extend their support to Sapura Energy Berhad for […]

Completing a Safety Design Philosophy Document in Brunei

SynergenOG was engaged to complete and update a Safety Design Philosophy document for a client in Brunei, in accordance with the Brunei COMAH Regulations. The operator identified a need for a standalone design philosophy document that addresses all major accident hazards, which is akin to a Safety Design Philosophy document typically developed for projects during […]

Continuing the collaboration with TOTAL E&P Borneo BV

We are happy to continue our collaboration with TOTAL E&P Borneo BV. We recently supported them in updating the Onshore Safety Case. We worked closely with TEPB Senior Managers in this project to ensure that the Safety Case meets all specifications and comply with the regulator’s requirement. A safety case is a documents which contains […]

Collaboration with Vestigo Petroleum in Malaysia

We are happy to collaborate with our partners on Tembikai Non-Associated Gas (TNAG) development.  We will be working on multiple projects with them which will encompass areas such as Hazard Identification (HAZID), Fishing Interaction & Dropped Object Assessment, and Quantitative risk assessment (QRA). The SynergenOG team is experienced in providing assistance in various areas of […]

ALARP evaluation and review for a new FPSO operator in Vietnam

SynergenOG was hired by a new FPSO operator in Vietnam to conduct an ALARP evaluation for their subsea pipeline configuration. Being a prestigious oil and gas project in Vietnam, the scope of work included providing Consequence Modelling for the pipeline. The training was delivered by experienced SOG personnel, well versed in the provision of these […]

HAZOP training for EXPRO Malaysia

Recently, we concluded a HAZOP training for EXPRO Malaysia. The training provided insightful information about the entire process of systematic and structured examination of complex processes and operations. The participants learnt to identify and evaluate the risks associated with the facilities and learnt how to mitigate the same. SynegenOG is committed to technical accuracy and […]