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Adopting Effective Means for Remote Working

More than a week has passed since the Malaysian government mandated Movement Control Order similar to restrictions imposed by other countries globally, to minimise and control the spread of COVID-19 pandemic throughout the country beginning 18th March. With 2.5 weeks to go (following extension of MCO in Malaysia till mid April), many companies have either […]

BFI Workshop Completed in the Cyber Realm

Following the Movement Control Order in Malaysia, only essential services will be allowed to operate. While abiding by the laws, SynergenOG engineers continue to operate from the safety of their homes. We wrote a few pointers on how we execute our meetings! Read about it here. Productivity and efficiency do not stop however, as we […]

CapEx in Petronas Facing Possible Cuts

Capital Expenditure in Petronas facing possible cut due to low oil prices In this current situation, Affin Hwang Capital research found that Petronas is bound to reduce its capex, a move that could put pressure on the Malaysian oil and gas industry. The financial company further stated that Petronas has yet shown signs of significant […]

Lockdown and the Oil & Gas Industry

Ground Zero  At the end of 2019, alarming news of pneumonia by unknown causes was reported. A new strain of coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, the capital city within China’s central region. The virus was called the novel coronavirus or nCoV.  The Leap Year Pandemic Fast forward to 11th March 2020, World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General, […]

Process Safety Review with Idemitsu Sao Vang

A Process Safety Review (PSR) is a systematic meeting where a team of safety personnel, experts and clients sit together to brainstorm to identify probable hazards and causes of hazards, the assessment of risks involved and review how effective the proposed risk control measures within a process plant to optimise personnel and system safety.  The […]

Crane Boom Collapse Injures Two in India

A pair of individuals were reportedly injured when an LTS-3000 crane boom apparently collapsed while working on a heavy-lift pipelay vessel under Larsen & Toubo (L&T) company on a development project off India’s west coast. The Cluster-8 development project also saw the fall of an offshore jacket where the crane had collapsed.  There were about […]

SOG Viper Challenge

The Viper Challenge is Asia’s biggest sporting event as well as the largest Obstacle Course event. With beginnings in 2013, it is synonymous with the test of strength and endurance, and has expanded its format from a stadium-setting, to a mud-filled path on a hilly terrain. The sporting event includes a few challenges across Malaysia with […]

Revolutionising Oil & Gas: Merging Technology and Energy

We have seen major leaps in technology that has helped various industries overcome obstacles and find solutions that have revolutionised the way we work and live. With such significant results being created in industries across the board, what then has been achieve with technology in Oil & Gas?  You may have heard of ESRI, the […]

Refinery Unit V (RU-V)

Refinery Unit V (RU-V) is owned by PT. PERTAMINA (PERSERO) and is located in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. The RU V in Balikpapan includes unit processes with CDU, HVU, Hydro Cracker Unit, Platformer, Naphtha Treater, Gasoil Treater and LPG Recovery. Pertamina operates 6 refineries across Indonesia including Sumatera, Jawa, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua with a total […]

Flight Suspension in North Sea Fields as COVID-19 Continues to Spread

On Wednesday, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced that COVID-19 is officially a pandemic, infecting over 126 000 people worldwide and killing more than 4600 individuals.  The news breaks only hours after Shell reveals that one of its’ staff in the Aberdeen, UK headquarters was tested positive for the virus. The company further advised those […]