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7 Strategies for Leading a Crisis-Driven Reorg

Harvard Business Review’s (HBR) article on ‘7 Strategies for Leading a Crisis Driven Re-org’ published recently made me reflect on the Why, What and How questions of our approach to this topic at SynergenOG. I am sure every one of us – from the C-suite executive to the front-line support staff, is experiencing some form […]

The Drive for Digitalisation in the New Normal

The swift movement to digital technologies driven by the pandemic is anticipated to continue well into and beyond the COVID-19 recovery period. Organisations across industries globally are enhancing digital capabilities to keep the pace. In a recent Global Consumer Insights Survey published by PwC leaning heavily on coronavirus-related data, research conducted with respondents pre-outbreak and […]

Perception and Attitudes on Innovation

The McKinsey article on the Eight Essentials of Innovation, brought to mind a couple of areas for improvement for SynergenOG, serving as a useful checklist. Noting the importance of all elements, I do think there are limitations in the implementation and execution, based on our organisation size and structure.  I believe a family-based or small […]

4 Key Elements When Reflecting on Good Leadership

Each individual is privy to their own operating model that helps them function at full capacity and high efficiency. But for those who are still looking for a guide on creating a successful operating model, seeking the answer within these four key elements could be beneficial. What are your priorities?  This is a crucial element […]

Hydrogen Pilot Project to Fuel Power Plant

It’s been a great honour for SynergenOG working with Japan’s Chiyoda Corporation on the Pilot Hydrogenation Plant Project. The project utilises imported hydrogen from Brunei and has since started providing clean fuel for the gas turbine power generators of Toa Oil Co in Kawasaki, near Tokyo. In order to meet the local COMAH regulatory requirements […]

The Seven Skills of the Future

The 7 Skills of the Future

According to economist and managing director, Saadia Zahidi of the World Economic Forum, the skills of the future are likely to be Analytical Thinking, Complex Problem-Solving, Innovation, Collaboration, Active Learning, Technology & Design, and Creativity. These seven flexible skills make an impact on an organisation’s ability to move forward and to weather through the storm […]

Moving Forward, Post-Pandemic.

In March 2020 COVID-19 was officially given pandemic status by the WHO; exactly 3 months after initial reports in China. Consequences of this pandemic will show for years to come, with short and long-term effects, say analysts at PwC. It took almost a decade for the world to recover from the 2007-2008 financial crisis, and […]