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SynergenOG - Empowering Safety in Cameroon

SynergenOG Breaks into Cameroon Market – Advanced Safety Training, Development of BowTie Diagrams, and a Focus on Major Accident Hazards

As a prominent industry leader in providing process safety management consultancy, we’ve acquired a new client – an esteemed Oil Operator in Cameroon. This breakthrough signifies an exciting expansion into a new market, as SynergenOG continues to solidify its global footprint in the field of process safety. Through unparalleled services, SynergenOG has once again demonstrated its ability to cater to a broad spectrum of industry demands, going beyond geographical confines.

Training, Coaching, and Bowtie Development for Offshore Platforms

The collaboration’s first wave has seen SynergenOG extend its competency development sessions, consisting of comprehensive Training and Coaching, to the Cameroon-based Oil Operator. As specialists in safety case development and risk management, SynergenOG leverages its expertise for the creation of ‘Bowtie Diagrams’. These diagrams, developed for Major Accident Hazards (MAH) of the client’s selected offshore platforms, affirm SynergenOG’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that bolster process safety and hazard management.

An Exciting Venture Previewing a Sea of Opportunities

This project exemplifies SynergenOG’s relentless pursuit of safety amidst hazardous operational environments. Deepening its reach into Cameroon’s vibrant energy sector marks an exciting venture that not only amplifies our client portfolio but also extends the beacon of quality service provision. The synergistic blend of a new market and SynergenOG’s seasoned expertise promises a fruitful journey towards heightened safety and operational sustainability within the industry.

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