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Revolutionising Oil & Gas: The Future of Energy in 2021

In 2020, we discussed how technology is revolutionising the energy sector. Automation, Data Science & Big Data, and BlockChain in cybersecurity played a major role for global industry players. SynergenOG is no stranger to tech. In fact, we have worked in an Interactive Fire Escape Route in 3D Animation for oil rigs. Read more about it here or click on the image below.

Technology Integration in Oil & Gas

Technologies used by major oil companies may have opened the floodgate for other companies to follow suit, but the tipping point stemmed during the pandemic that swept global nations. It changed the landscape of how we lead our daily lives, and how we work.

The challenge began when businesses were required to shift to remote working. The standard face-to-face conversation on tackling a simple issue became a scheduled Zoom meeting. Busy offices were instead filled with employees coming in on a rotational basis. For a while, it was deemed the new normal.

Fuelling success with agility. 

The broad term of success is a common goal different organisations strive to achieve, although there may be varied strategies and approaches.

Agility is one of the profound factors needed in organisations to attain success. Agility is defined as “the ability to move quickly and easily in response to change”.

In the face of a major challenge, how does one respond and adapt to that change?

To answer that question, major industry players and market leaders are constantly investing in the latest technology trends. Here are a few examples that will reshape the way we think and work in the future.

  1. Advanced analytics
  2. Internet of Things (IoT)
  3. Operational technology
  4. Remote monitoring


Advanced analytics 

In a data-driven world, the systematic computation of a set of statistics can effectively guide an organisation towards effective decision making. The meaningful patterns in data help an organisation narrow their goal, become more intuitive and reduce unwanted risks.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ is described as a network of physical objects using sensors and software to connect and exchange data between different devices and systems via online. It is deployed across many industries including oil and gas. The ability to prolong equipment life span, optimise production and production quality, makes IoT a well-known and sought after technology.

Possible locations of Remote Sensors to monitor and detect errors humans typically overlook. Image courtesy of Sensaphone.

Operational technology 

Industrial processes in a processing plant or rig are controlled by operational technology. Hardware and software such as remote sensors are some great examples of operational technology. As technology grows, operational technology becomes better, but also makes it more susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Remote monitoring 

Due to the nature of offshore and (at times) onshore platforms, the absence of effective communication meant employees had to rely on manual data extraction and visual inspection to monitor operations. This manual technique was not only inefficient and posed human error, but also exposed significant hazards to employees. Remote monitoring significantly reduced both danger and erroneous reading by a large magnitude.

With many challenges yet to come, key players and business leaders in the oil and gas industry have managed to stay afloat, agile and adaptable in such a fast-paced environment. SynergenOG, will continue to dive into digital transformation while upholding what we believe in – the human touch, imperative to each project.


We are an engineering and consultancy company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We believe in the amalgamation of technology and human influence, in generating the best possible outcome.


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