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Thought Leadership
Four nuggets of wisdom to bring into the new year
Reading McNulty’s article had me pondering on my ‘blind spots’. Just like driving in a car, it’s imperative to have side mirrors to keep a close eye on areas you may not have noticed before. It helps keep you on your toes – or alert you of the impending dangers.  Consider new perspectives that go...
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SynergenOG in Malaysia
I believe the Chief Marketing Officer’s (CMO’s) role can also be referred to as Chief Inspiration Officer, as they need to inspire new thoughts and ideas. In my professional experience, having once been appointed Sales and Marketing Manager in a global start-up company, having two roles in one can be effective. Given budget constraints, merging...
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SynergenOG co-founder, Puvan Balasubramaniam recently returned to Kuala Lumpur from a business trip in Brunei, where he was conducting essential critical services to support the safe start up of a new Ammonia and Urea Plant operated by Brunei Fertiliser Industries, designed and built by German company – Thyssenkrupp. Among the highlights of his trip, was...
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