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Four nuggets of wisdom to bring into the new year

Four Nuggets of Wisdom to Bring into 2021

Reading McNulty’s article had me pondering on my ‘blind spots’. Just like driving in a car, it’s imperative to have side mirrors to keep a close eye on areas you may not have noticed before. It helps keep you on your toes – or alert you of the impending dangers. 

Consider new perspectives that go beyond Vision 2020 – rather than a habitual process, it’s a shift in the way your mind works and the way you think.

Some people are aware of their blind spots and take measures to overcome or understand them. They try to reduce the gaps through acquiring knowledge. In my opinion, most people are oblivious of their blind spots; they are unconscious or semi-conscious of it. I can only presume that culture, biases, self-preservation or the lack of self-reflection are some of the causes.    

In becoming more aware of your blind spots, I found these four nuggets of wisdom useful. 

Four nuggets of wisdom to bring into the new year

Acknowledging your limitations. 

In our data-driven world, many parties and organisations have benefited from data. However, it has come to a point where executives are dependent and reliant on intelligence. While powerful, it’s important to note that data only collects information that has occurred and does not account for things that have yet to happen. We should be wary of this, and sharpen our thoughts to account for these occurrences. 

Recognising what you don’t know.

We tend to think within our means; a comfortable one at that. It is within these constraints that we find our thoughts rarely challenged.

A philosopher, Sadhguru said, What I know, I know & What I don’t know, I don’t know. Only then, we are open to possibilities

This is a good reminder for me. I try to encourage our team members to think and express their views based on this adage.  

Plan for multiple futures.

Typically, many look toward the future in a straight line. But the paths we take in life is hardly a straightforward matter. The same can be considered in a business context. In order to cultivate a proactive environment, we must first optimise the organisation to adapt to changing circumstances. Practice forming responses to possible scenarios, along with the inevitable events that would come with it. This will train you and your organisation to see opportunities and barriers that may not have been spotted initially.  

Four nuggets of wisdom to bring into the new year

Cultivate non-traditional sources of insight. 

There are many reliable platforms and sources of information we can choose from. This is how we learn about current issues throughout the world. However, when it comes to approaching diverse matters, have we stopped to consider to draw inspiration from different sources? You might be surprised at how someone from a different industry could help you see things from a new, fresh perspective. 

Take Sam Altman for example, who eventually became the president of Y Combinator, a startup accelerator. He partnered with Elon Musk, the entrepreneurial engineer and leader responsible for disrupting the status quo in various industries. That partnership birthed OpenAI, a non-profit artificial intelligence research laboratory and deployment agency. 

Four nuggets of wisdom to bring into the new year

Being constantly aware of my blind spots remains a challenge. We live in a fast-paced world filled with information overload. Going on an information diet is important. Spending time to reflect and contemplate on matters in hand is ever more crucial now, leading to better decisions and outcomes. 

Once we are able to acknowledge our capacity and limitations encompassing the physical, emotional and intellectual spheres, we will strive to find ways to fill the gap. We use different lenses, and consider different scenarios faced with the realities of life and business. 

 Around the globe, we can agree that the year 2020 has taught us many lessons – some painful while some enlightening. Regardless, we enter 2021 with more wisdom, gratitude, and a stronger determination to be successful. Our future is in our hands, not anyone else. We must make the best of what is available, and what will be available. Being conscious of my blind spots is a good reminder moving forward. 


Kadam Balan is a thought leader who consistently works to contribute to the industry and community at large as a mindful global citizen. He spearheads the business division at SynergenOG, and other organisation. 

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