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The Brunei Fertiliser Industry (BFI) facility site is currently in progress. This image is just an example for illustration purposes.

Safety Case Completion for BFI Project 

We are happy to announce that the BFI Safety Case has been completed within the stipulated time and budget. Read about other BFI linked projects such as Bowtie Workshop and Safety Case Workshop.

The project was kicked-off on the 10th of January 2020, with a tentative completion date set by the end of April 2020.

In a mere 3.5 months, amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and ongoing travel restrictions, we were able to complete the Safety Case project as planned with our clients. Despite the change in working norms, we faced these challenges head-on and improvised on our delivery and execution methods.  Some challenges we encountered, and mitigation tactics we employed, throughout the project including:

1. Remote Collaboration With International Team

Travelling required to Brunei for workshops and discussion was cancelled. Thus, we conducted 2 online workshops: Performance Standards and ALARP via teleconference for participants located in three different countries i.e. Brunei, Germany and Malaysia and workstation locations at respective offices and home

2. Deployment of Online Tools

Internally within the SynergenOG project team, constant communication and update was required and conducted via teleconference to ensure timely deliverables to clients.

As SynergenOG has been digitally invested for the past couple of years, it came as a handy tool and proved extremely valuable during these trying times. Our team members were fluent in these tools and enabled the execution of the Safety Case project as anticipated.

*The image above is for illustration purposes only as the BFI site is currently under construction.

Safer and Connected.

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