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SynergenOG Action Tracking Management System (ActSYN™)

Revolutionising the Workplace SynergenOG Action Tracking Management System (ActSYN™)

The Holocene age we are living through entails a rapid rise in technology. Because of this, global organisations in diverse fields such as energy, manufacturing, finance, telecoms, pharmaceuticals, construction, agriculture, and transportation have a strong need to caption actions and ensure accountability from major events such as board decisions and HSE incidents to smaller events such as meetings, continuous improvement projects, audits, and quality assessments. Hence, it’s crucial to have a system that allows organisations to meticulously and consistently document, track and report all actions for such efforts. 

Enter the SynergenOG Action Tracking Management System (ActSYN™, pronounced as action). ActSYN™is a flexible software framework for the management and tracking of actions to ensure visibility, compliance, communication and risk mitigation in a variety of industries. 


ActSYN™records pertinent information related to the actions raised which include; 

  • Background information 
  • Categorisation of action
  • user-defined category involving the responsible department, location, etc.
  • Action parties 
  • Document attachments/evidence to support action






The ActSYN™ tool can also be customised in accordance with the workflow of the respective end-user company to ensure that each action is seamlessly distributed to the relevant action party responsible for each stage of the action management. 

ActSYN™ also allowed for real-time monitoring of the ongoing action status or information in chronological order. The tool is a web-based software that allows simultaneous access by multiple users from anywhere globally to ensure the information pertaining to the triggered action is easily shared, facilitating smooth communication among team members. 

The ActSYN™ tool promotes collaboration with a multiple and unlimited login feature, where each member can also be assigned a role within the system. This means while team collaboration is supported, the managing members are ensured of data security, limiting member access to only the data required. 

The ActSYN™ software is an all-in-one tool for workflow management to streamline collaboration across the board. It even features notifications for the right people at the right time, removing the redundancy of emails and getting lost in the mounting inbox. Prioritise your collaborative efforts today. 

For more information on the ActSYN™ software, kindly contact us. 

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