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Elevating Process Safety Standards

Elevating Process Safety Standards: SynergenOG’s Response to Industry Challenges

Summary: Global industries face an ever-evolving landscape for maintaining robust Process Safety Management systems. Through a LinkedIn poll, SynergenOG recently engaged professionals across sectors to pinpoint the largest hurdles in PSM. Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) emerged as the top challenge, highlighted by 53% of the respondents. This report briefs the complexities of each PSM element and outlines strategies for improvement.

In the commitment to operational excellence and safety, industries continually confront various challenges within Process Safety Management. Effective PSM is not merely a regulatory requirement but a critical foundation for safeguarding people, the environment, and assets. In this context, the Process Safety experts at SynergenOG, initiated a LinkedIn poll to explore pressing industry challenges, and here we explore the outcomes.

Poll Results & Industry Insight


1. Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)53%

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) is the top challenge for industry professionals. It is an analytical tool that identifies potential hazards and conditions that might lead to catastrophic events or releases. SynergenOG approaches PHA with a rigorous methodology, leveraging advanced risk assessment tools and industry best practices to ensure insightful analysis and actionable mitigation strategies.

2. Mechanical Integrity (MI)19%

The second concern emanating from the poll is Mechanical Integrity. It pertains to the maintenance of equipment essential for safe production processes. SynergenOG collaborates with Ad Energy, Aberdeen to provide AIM services.

3. Management of Change (MOC)17%

Management of Change (MOC) procedures are critical for maintaining safety standards amidst change. Whether due to technological updates, procedural shifts, or personnel changes, SynergenOG’s robust MOC frameworks aid clients in navigating these transitions seamlessly, upholding safety and minimising disruptions.

4. Operational Procedures11%

Clear, well-documented operational procedures are fundamental for securing the safety of processes and personnel. SynergenOG assists organisations in crafting and implementing robust procedures, thereby standardising operations and reducing the risk of human error.

Incorporating Expert Insights into PSM Solutions


SynergenOG’s consultants draw upon deep industry knowledge to provide strategic insights.

These insights include:

  • Development of customized Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) methodologies for diverse operational contexts.
  • Integration of reliability-centred maintenance within Mechanical Integrity (MI) programs.
  • Adoption of comprehensive Management of Change (MOC) tracking tools.

The incorporation of expert insights into our solutions ensures that clients are not just meeting regulatory requirements but are also setting new benchmarks in process safety.


This report underscores the necessity for refined PSM strategies that address the concerns voiced by professionals in SynergenOG’s LinkedIn poll. We stand prepared to address these challenges with our consulting services, pioneering the path to operational safety excellence.

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