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The Home Office Environment

Work from Home: The Home Office Environment

With the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia entering its third week, the dedicated men and women in the country continue to fight against the virus while the rest provide essential services. Many companies across the industry continue to conduct business as usual, albeit remotely. Speaking with one of the founders of SynergenOG, Puvan Balasubramaniam  shares his views on the team’s progress.

The company has carried out remote work on more than one occasion that has helped tremendously in the preparation for the migration toward a digitalised environment. “I did have initial concerns about working from home as not everyone would be comfortable with the idea. After the announcement, plans were put in place to discuss how the company would collaborate in the future,” explains Puvan. Details of the work plan include a weekly meeting with the whole company, daily meetings with different departments as well as consistent communication with partners and clients was put in place.

He adds: “At the beginning of the MCO, it is good to anticipate how well things might or might not go. Based on your experience, you will be familiar about how to acclimate yourself and adjust accordingly. A few bumps on the road should not have a paramount effect on our long-term goals, which is why I believe SynergenOG will continue to excel in what we do, just as we have before the MCO. 

According to Puvan and the team, the first few days were reserved for adjusting to the new workflow. It came as a good surprise, however, that each and every member of the SynergenOG team were more than prepared for the MCO. Mental preparedness is of utmost importance. Getting yourself ready to work without the distractions of home (a space which is typically for rest and recreation) and having discipline to maintain the daily work routine at home will get you far in your duties during the MCO.

One of the many factors affecting how smooth and effective the remote collaboration would be is the home office set-up. It’s quite easy to slump back into the bed when your desk is right next to you. Hence, SynergenOG made it a point of setting up their environments purposefully, to make the days of working from home as efficient and productive as possible.

While some members creatively used various areas of their home to work, most already had a specific desk and chair where they could sit and concentrate.

The following are the tips on setting up an environment conducive to work:

1. Find a quiet corner where your family or other tenants in the home cannot distract you

2. Ensure there is enough space for you to work

4. Remove any distractions from your desk.

5. Only bring the essentials to your desk.

5. Find a space that works for you

Puvan also recommends taking breaks between work and paying attention to your mental health. This includes reaching for healthier snack options, getting in exercise and playing with your fur buddy to de-stress!

SynergenOG is an engineering and consultancy company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. Our services include Process Safety Assessment, Qualitative Risk Assessment and others. We are currently executing our projects digitally. Let us know how we can help you improve. 

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