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SynergenOG University of Nottingham

SynergenOG Supports University of Nottingham, FOSE Awards Ceremony, Recognizing Student Achievements

SynergenOG, a leading process safety management consultancy, sponsored the University of Nottingham, Faculty of Science and Engineering (FOSE) Awards Ceremony held recently. The event celebrated the exceptional achievements of students in various fields and highlighted SynergenOG’s commitment to education and skill development.

SynergenOG’s sponsorship of the FOSE Awards Ceremony showcased its dedication to nurturing talent and fostering growth in the industry. The event, a highly anticipated one on the university’s calendar, provided an ideal platform to applaud the brilliance within the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

The awards sponsored by SynergenOG included Industry Awards – The Best Group for MEP Showcase Poster, The Best Group for MEP Showcase Oral Presentation, The Best DPX Plant Design Project, The Best MEP Advanced Design Project, and The Best MEP Research Paper. These awards aimed to recognise students with outstanding talent and dedication in their respective fields.

Our senior team, both alumni of the University of Nottingham, presented the awards on behalf of SynergenOG. Their connection to the university further highlighted the company’s commitment to fostering student growth and opportunities.

The impact of SynergenOG’s sponsorship goes beyond the awards ceremony. As a company dedicated to education and skill development, SynergenOG runs the SOG Academy, a specialised training program that provides meaningful learning to develop further the skills required for the oil and gas industry.

Congratulations to all the awardees for their remarkable achievements. The University of Nottingham can look forward to future support and collaboration from SynergenOG as we continue to provide opportunities for students to thrive in science and engineering.

SynergenOG University of Nottingham
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