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SynergenOG training programmes for engineers include:

Hazard Awareness

This training programme is associated with exposing personnel to the hazards related to operating a facility. It is an opportunity to understand ways to identify and mitigate hazards. In addition, it is(remove is) also intends to expose trainees to understand the risks involved in operating a facility.


This training programme allows for participants to grasp the methodology in performing a HAZOP study. This includes the use of guide words and node identification in performing a HAZOP.


This training is to allow for participants to grasp the methodology in performing a SIL study.  This includes the use of guide words as well as the identification of SIFs.  Furthermore, an advanced SIL training session would embed the knowledge to facilitate a SIL workshop.


The training looks into methods in evaluating hazards that have been identified for a facility. Trainees will be equipped with the capability to evaluate risks associated with the hazards. This includes performing consequence modelling and risks evaluation.

Process Safety Management

This specialised training by SynergenOG is on CCPS elements of Process Safety Management. It aims to embed trainees with knowledge that is critical to ensuring all operations are in accordance with the industry’s best practices. 

Operational Awareness Training

This looks to embed knowledge of operational awareness — HP/LP interface, isolation systems. Trainers with industry experience will share on operational awareness.

The process safety management programme is a joint collaboration between SynergenOG and Australia-based Competency Training to support multinational companies deliver integrated process safety engineering and training solutions to global operators and their workforce successfully. 

Our services are tailor-made to our client’s needs. If you have a specific requirement, please contact us to see how we can be of use to you and your organisation.