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SynergenOG training programmes for engineers include:


Barrier Management Course

The Barrier Management technique has been successfully applied throughout numerous industries worldwide including oil & gas, mining, aviation, healthcare, chemical processing, maritime, rail transport, and business & IT services. Our Barrier Management course is led by expert software practitioners of BowTieXP.



The learned outcomes of our HAZID training include understanding the importance of clearly defined hazards, learning the common approaches deployed to carry out Hazard Identification, individual recognition of roles within the HAZID process to maximise efficacy and learning how to identify Major Accident Hazards (MAH).

Basic Risk Assessment

Basic Risk Assessment

The Basic Risk Assessment method is a practical and systematic methodology employed globally within heavy industries. SynergenOG is specialised in the energy industry. This 1-day class and tutorial will have participants understand what industry-specific hazards will be applicable in your facility, how they can be categorised, implementation of preventative measures as well as the efficacy of risk control barriers provided.

Hazard Awareness

This programme allows participants to better understand how to identify hazards inherent within their day to day working experience and what are the means available to mitigate such hazards.



Our Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) programme is a unique blend of theoretical and practical introduction to the HAZOP concept. Participants can expect an overview of the archetypal methodologies employed and familiarise themselves with the principal structures, the ability to conduct reports on HAZOP studies, and an engaging training where they are guided through a practical hands-on demonstration. 

SIL | safety integrity level


Programme is a unique blend of theoretical and practical introduction to the concept of SIL based on the Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) aproach. Participants will be given an overview of the typical methodology, terminology and preparation required to carry out an effective SIL. This includes the use of guide words and node identification. In addition, subject to request, participants can also be guided through a practical hands on demonstration of a mock SIL workshop.

Quantitative risk assessment resources.


This training offers participants an opportunity to learn the key concepts of QRA from leading consultants in the oil and gas industry. The training covers a broad range of topics such as:

  • Concepts of hazards and risks
  • Hazard Identification
  • Modelling of hazard consequences
  • Event Trees
  • Frequency Analysis
  • Risk Calculation
  • ALARP and Cost Benefit Analysis

Process Safety Management

This specialised training by SynergenOG is on CCPS elements of Process Safety Management. It aims to embed trainees with knowledge that is critical to ensuring all operations are in accordance with the industry’s best practices.

The process safety management programme is a joint collaboration between SynergenOG and Australia-based Competency Training to support multinational companies deliver integrated process safety engineering and training solutions to global operators and their workforce successfully. 

Operational Awareness Training

This training provides attendees the opportunity to learn from SynergenOG’s team of experienced engineers, concepts of operational awareness which are often overlooked, particularly in the areas of HP/LP interface, isolation systems.

Our services are tailor-made to our client’s needs. If you have a specific requirement, please contact us to see how we can be of use to you and your organisation. 

Coex Training

Basic Risk Assessment Level 1, Process Safety Management (PSM) and Quantitative Risk Assessment
(QRA) courses are endorsed by our Australian partner Coex Training (RTO #41119)

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