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process safety hazards importance

Importance of Addressing Hazards in Process Safety

Have you ever wondered what causes industrial accidents and what can be done to prevent them? Process safety hazards are a critical aspect of industrial operations, as it involves the management of hazards that can lead to accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. To minimise risks, it is crucial to understand the various forms of hazards. […]

process safety culture

Process Safety Culture: How Do You Evaluate?

Process safety culture refers to the values, attitudes, and behaviours of individuals within an organisation that contributes to the overall safety of processes, products, and services. It is the foundation of a safe and successful workplace and is essential for preventing accidents and incidents. Here, we will explore the concept of process safety culture, how […]

An Expert Guide to Developing and Utilizing a PSM Framework

A PSM framework is a roadmap for the organization, processes and tools necessary to implement a successful process safety management program. The benefits of deploying a PSM framework are many and varied. Still, most importantly, it provides organizations with a structured approach to managing their process safety risks and ensures that process safety is given […]


SOG ESG initiative | KLESG Event 2022 | Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Kedah

As part of SynergenOG’s ESG initiative, our associates took the initiative to provide much-needed monetary and supply relief to various shelters and associations in Malaysia. The company wishes to extend our thanks to all team members participating in these initiatives. Syabas and let the spirit of gratitude and others-self be continuously encouraged in our organisation. […]

bizSAFE certification Singapore

Successful bizSAFE certification by WSHC, Singapore

We are happy to announce SynergenOG Singapore office has fulfilled the requirements to attain the bizSAFE Level 3 Certification issued by The Workplace Safety and Health Council of Singapore. bizSAFE Level 3 and above recognises that our company has put in place systems to manage workplace risks and complies with WSH (Risk Management) Regulations. To […]

Implementing Process safety management

From Risk Assessment to Emergency Planning: Your Guide to Implementing Process Safety Management Effectively

Process safety management (PSM) is a systematic approach to preventing process-related injuries, deaths, and major disasters. It includes procedures and policies that address all aspects of process safety, from identification of hazards to employee training to incident investigation and reporting.  According to the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), different chemicals pose different risks to […]

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