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SynergenOG - Empowering Safety in Cameroon

SynergenOG Breaks into Cameroon Market – Advanced Safety Training, Development of BowTie Diagrams, and a Focus on Major Accident Hazards

As a prominent industry leader in providing process safety management consultancy, we’ve acquired a new client – an esteemed Oil Operator in Cameroon. This breakthrough signifies an exciting expansion into a new market, as SynergenOG continues to solidify its global footprint in the field of process safety. Through unparalleled services, SynergenOG has once again demonstrated […]

Chim Sao Field Safety Case SynergenOG

Chim Sao Field Safety Case Addendum Update: A SynergenOG Achievement in Vietnam

In a significant move towards reinforcing operational safety and compliance, SynergenOG has successfully completed a comprehensive Safety Case Addendum Update for the Chim Sao Field Facilities in Vietnam. This pivotal project, executed on behalf of Harbour Energy, highlights SynergenOG’s continued commitment to enhancing safety standards and operational reliability within the oil and gas sector. The […]

ALARP in risk assessment explained

ALARP in Risk Assessment: Explained

Summary: What is the significance of ALARP in risk assessment, and how does an ALARP assessment aid in maintaining risks at levels that are as low as reasonably practicable? What is the process of analyzing risk contributors and the necessity of determining additional risk reduction measures, following the ALARP principles outlined in the ALARP triangle? […]

SynergenOG Indonesia Secures Contract for Hidayah Safety Studies

SynergenOG Indonesia Secures Contract for Hidayah Safety Studies

SynergenOG is thrilled to announce that our Indonesia office has successfully secured a pivotal contract for conducting the Hidayah Safety Studies, marking a significant milestone in our journey of providing top-notch process safety management consulting services. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the relentless dedication, expertise, and teamwork of our Indonesia team. The Hidayah […]

process safety management survey

Ahead of the Curve: Key Focus Areas for Process Safety – An Industry Perspective

In a dynamic world faced with increasingly complex industrial operations and the persistent need to handle hazardous substances safely, Process Safety Management (PSM) stands as more than a regulation—it is the cornerstone of operational integrity, industrial resilience, and personnel safety. As an integral player in the landscape of risk mitigation services, SynergenOG, renowned for its […]


SynergenOG Takes Crucial Step in Global Expansion with a New Contract in Australia

In a strategic move epitomizing growth and commitment to safety excellence, we are thrilled to announce our latest venture – a significant contract to conduct comprehensive safety studies and workshops for a distinguished engineering entity in Australia. This exciting development not only represents a substantial leap in SynergenOG’s global expansion endeavors but also solidifies our […]

Fire and explosion hazards and prevention measures

Fire & Explosion Hazards in Oil & Gas: Types and Prevention Measures

Summary:  Discover the types, causes, and impact of fire and explosion hazards in the oil and gas industry. Find the different categories of fire explosions being the cause of fatal incidents in the past. Learn how to prevent accidents and protect personnel, equipment, and the environment. One of the most serious dangers workers face in […]

SynergenOG-Brunei Shell Petroleum-Safety

SynergenOG Partners with Brunei Shell Petroleum: A Pioneering Move for Enhanced Safety and Excellence in the Asia-Pacific

We, at SynergenOG, a globally recognized authority in process safety management (PSM), are excited to break the news of our latest alliance with the Brunei Shell Petroleum Company. This strategic partnership signifies a pivotal milestone in expanding our footprint within the Asia-Pacific oil & gas industry, demonstrating our unwavering commitment towards safety and excellence. This […]

SynergenOG FEED Project Qatar

Enhancing Refinery Safety: SynergenOG’s FEED Project Leadership in Qatar

We at SynergenOG are pleased to announce a significant accomplishment in our portfolio. Our team has been granted the honour of conducting a comprehensive safety study and review for the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) of combined facilities for field operators at a prestigious refinery in Qatar. This project is a manifestation of our resolute dedication […]


Fire and Explosion Risks: Incorporating Consequence Modelling

Summary: Discover how integrating consequence modelling into fire and explosion risk assessment can enhance safety by identifying hazards, assessing likelihood and estimating potential consequences, supporting proactive risk mitigation strategies, and continuous improvement. Fire and explosion risks are a major concern for industrial facilities. They can cause significant damage to property, equipment and fatal injuries to […]

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