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process safety management survey

Ahead of the Curve: Key Focus Areas for Process Safety – An Industry Perspective

In a dynamic world faced with increasingly complex industrial operations and the persistent need to handle hazardous substances safely, Process Safety Management (PSM) stands as more than a regulation—it is the cornerstone of operational integrity, industrial resilience, and personnel safety. As an integral player in the landscape of risk mitigation services, SynergenOG, renowned for its top-tier Process Safety Management consulting, initiated a comprehensive LinkedIn poll.

The objective? To explore the frontline PSM priorities of present-day industry practitioners.

This survey launched by SynergenOG showcased on LinkedIn, invited industry-versed professionals to express their choice of PSM activities, providing a unique gateway into the current state of Process Safety Management. By assessing the most prioritized activities, we hoped to emphasize the areas of focus and, more importantly, identify potential gaps in our industry-wide approach toward risk management, industrial safety, and hazard control.

The Anatomy of the Poll

Participants were tasked with selecting their preferred activity from Regular HAZID & HAZOP Studies, ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) Assessments, Bow-Tie Analysis, and SIL/LOPA (Safety Integrity Level/Layer of Protection Analysis) Assessments. This comprehensive array of options encapsulated some of the key practices pivotal to modern industrial risk management.

Decoding the Survey Results

The results captured an insightful snapshot of the PSM landscape:

  • An overwhelming majority of 78% voted for Regular HAZID & HAZOP Studies, endorsing the undisputed significance of systematic hazard and operability analysis in the realm of risk assessment and process safety.
  • Bow-Tie Analysis was chosen by 11% of the respondents, implying a robust belief in this visual risk assessment technique’s efficacy in mitigating and managing excellent hazard scenarios, especially for its comprehensibility and communicability.
  • With 7% votes, ALARP Assessment underscores organizations’ keenness to explore the balance between risk, cost, and time—a concept increasingly embraced in safety-critical sectors.
  • Despite being considered by only 4% of respondents, SIL/LOPA Assessments surfaced as a critical niche focus point that aids in determining the required safety integrity for safety instrumented functions.

Unravelling Industry Trends: A Thoughtful Analysis

Insights from this poll significantly reflect industry-wide recognition of continuously identifying and assessing risks via HAZID & HAZOP methodologies. It reinforces faith in SynergenOG’s long-standing advocacy for regular, comprehensive risk assessments as the bulwark of robust PSM frameworks, echoing our belief in process safety engineering strategies that value life and the environment above all else.

However, the lower emphasis on SIL/LOPA Assessments urges us to accentuate the opportunities these methodologies bring for risk management, safety instrumented systems (SIS), and Proactive Hazard Management (PHM), intensifying the need for ongoing education, training, and awareness.

Drawing Conclusions: PSM Priorities for the Future

As pioneers in safety and risk consulting, SynergenOG’s commitment to excellence echoes the industry’s dedication to regular hazard identification studies and HAZOP methodologies. Still, we are impassioned about disseminating knowledge regarding equally essential practices like SIL/LOPA Assessments.

With this poll’s vivid narrative, we aim to instigate reflections and discussions that allow organizations to build superior safety cultures founded on comprehensive, well-rounded PSM practices, thereby promoting industrial safety, hazard prevention, and risk mitigation.

We strongly believe in leveraging technology as integrating digital tools and advanced analytics can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of risk management methodologies.

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