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hydrogenation pilot plant project

Hydrogen Pilot Project to Fuel Power Plant

It’s been a great honour for SynergenOG working with Japan’s Chiyoda Corporation on the Pilot Hydrogenation Plant Project. The project utilises imported hydrogen from Brunei and has since started providing clean fuel for the gas turbine power generators of Toa Oil Co in Kawasaki, near Tokyo. In order to meet the local COMAH regulatory requirements in Brunei, SynergenOG completed the Safety Case and Safety Studies for the hydrogenation plant. We cooperated with one of their young engineers as well as the Advanced Hydrogen Energy Chain Association for Technology Development (AHEAD) in developing the QRA and other aspects of the project.

The success of this collaboration would not have been possible without the support of both Chiyoda Corporation, Japan and the AHEAD teams involved. The start of the Hydrogenation Plant Project also marks a first for Japan’s energy consumption of a non-local source as well as the world’s first international hydrogen supply chain that has been completed successfully.

Between Brunei and Japan, the AHEAD team erected a hydrogenation plant in Brunei and a dehydrogenation plant in Japan.

Utilising the organic chemical hydride method, Chiyoda, Mitsubishi Corp, Mitsui & Co and Nippon Yusen, aim to transport an annual 210 tonnes of hydrogen from Brunei to Japan. The hydrogen, at circumjacent temperature and pressure, is extracted from liquefied natural gases (LNG) in Brunei and will be dehydrogenated in Japan at gas power generators.

According to the president of AHEAD, Takakazy Morimoto, their mission is to spread hydrogen extracted from renewable sources and establish a strong supply chain. With major economies opting for a greener future, more investments in renewable energy are seeing measurable growth and those working in hydrogen are seizing this rare opportunity to bring the niche energy into a post-pandemic era.



Parts of this article were first published by Reuters. SynergenOG is proud to be part of the international collaboration between Brunei and Japan’s Pilot Hydrogenation Plant Project. Read more about our other projects in Brunei here


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