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What are the basic safety rules?

  1. Report all work injuries and illnesses immediately
  2. Report all Unsafe Acts or Unsafe Conditions to your Supervisor
  3. Use seat belts when on Company business in any vehicles
  4. Firearms, weapons, or explosives are not permitted on Company Property.
  5. Use, possession, sale or being under the influence of illegal drugs, misuse of prescription drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted on Company Property or while “on duty”.
  6. Only authorized and trained Employees may repair or adjust machinery and equipment. Lock and Tag Out Procedures must be followed before removing any machine guards or working on powered machinery and equipment. Replace all guards when the job is completed.
  7. Only qualified and trained Employees may work on or near Exposed Energized Electrical Parts or Electrical Equipment. Follow Electrical Safety Rules when working with electrically powered machinery and equipment.
  8. Only authorized and trained Employees may enter a posted Confined Space. All confined spaces will be posted Confined Space – Permit Required. Entry is allowed only after permits are properly issued.
  9. Only authorized and trained Employees may dispense or use chemicals. It is your responsibility to know where SDS’s (Safety Data Sheets) are located and that they are available for your use and review.
  10. Keep work areas clean and aisles clear. Do not block emergency equipment or exits.
  11. Wear and use the prescribed Personal Protective Safety Equipment. This includes foot protection, head protection, gloves, etc.
  12. Smoking is permitted only in the designated “Smoking Areas”.
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