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What are 5 fire safety rules?

1. Check that all smoke and fire alarms are functioning properly
Test your fire alarms once a month and replace batteries twice a year.

2. Have an actionable fire plan
Knowing what you actually need to do and where to go are hallmarks of any good fire safety plan. This includes grabbing important documents and making sure everyone is present and accounted for.

3. Never leave a room with an open flame
Reduce your risks by never leaving an open flame (no matter how small) unattended.

4. Have at least one fire extinguisher
Remember “PASS” – Pull the pin, Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle, and Sweep back and forth to put out the fire.

5. Stop, Drop, and Roll
In the unfortunate event of you or your clothing catching fire, make sure that you have this very basic but very essential movement down. It could save your life.

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