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ePSM by SOG Academy

ePSM by SOG Academy: Your Fastest Route to Start Learning Process Safety Management

As industries continue to evolve, so do the risks associated with their operations. The need to ensure the safety of personnel and the environment has become paramount, and this is where process safety systems come in.

Process Safety is a discipline that aims to prevent incidents that could lead to harm, by identifying, evaluating, and controlling the hazards associated with industrial processes. For PS personnel and engineers or anyone who wish to learn, understanding the principles and practices of process safety systems is crucial in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of industrial processes.

By the end of this article, you will have an overview of ePSM and why it is the fastest route to start learning Process Safety Management.

Process Safety Management Systems

Process Safety Management Systems (PSM) is a set of interrelated elements that work together to manage process safety hazards. These elements include process safety information, process hazard analysis, operating procedures, training, and emergency planning and response, among others. PSM aims to prevent incidents by identifying potential process hazards and implementing controls to manage them.

One of the key elements of PSM is process hazard analysis (PHA). PHA is a structured approach to identifying, evaluating, and controlling process hazards. This involves analysing the process, identifying potential hazards, and assessing the risks associated with each hazard. Once hazards are identified, controls are implemented to manage the risk.

Another element of PSM is training. Process safety training ensures that personnel understand the hazards associated with their work and the controls in place to manage these hazards. This includes training on emergency procedures, such as evacuation and spill response.

Why should you take PSM training?

Taking a PSM (Process Safety Management) training course is essential for operational/maintenance supervisors, facilities engineers, design personnel and workforce members who work in industries that involve hazardous processes.

Here are some reasons why you should consider taking a PSM training course:

1. To ensure safety: Process Safety Management Systems are designed to prevent incidents that could lead to harm. By taking a PSM training course, you will learn about the hazards associated with industrial processes and how to manage them effectively. This will help you to ensure the safety of personnel and the environment.

2. To comply with regulations: Many industries are subject to regulations that require them to implement process safety management systems. Taking a PSM training course will help you to understand these regulations and how to comply with them.

3. To improve efficiency: Effective process safety management can help to improve the efficiency of industrial processes by reducing the risk of incidents that could lead to downtime or loss of production. By taking a PSM training course, you will learn how to identify and manage process hazards, which can help to improve the efficiency of your operations.

Types of PSM Training (Learning) :

There are two main types of PSM training programs: physical training and e-learning.

Physical Training: Physical training involves attending a training course in person. This type of training is often conducted in a classroom setting and may involve practical exercises or simulations. Physical training is ideal for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to learning.

E-Learning: E-learning involves taking a training course online via LMS (Learning Management System). This type of training is convenient and flexible, as it allows you to learn at your own pace and in your own time.

PSM Training Programmes offered by SOG Academy

SOG Academy is the training and learning arm of Synergen Group of Companies, with a base in the UK supported by SOG’s other offices, globally. SOG Academy have a team of highly qualified and dedicated individuals who have both the necessary knowledge and experience in delivering the best value learning to our customers.

There are three types of process safety management training offered by SOG Academy,

  1. PSM Training F2F
  2. PSM Training Online
  3. ePSM via LMS

PSM Training (F2F or Online) – This course is aimed at anyone with a strong desire to develop their understanding of process safety and is ideal for energy sector personnel at all organizational levels with an emphasis on operational/maintenance supervisors, facilities engineers, design personnel and workforce members with responsibility for site safety.

The training is being provided by industry-leading trainers in process safety management, either face-to-face or online as 1 – or – 3-day training.


ePSM, offered by SOG Academy is an e-learning course through an LMS. This self-paced course provides an introduction to Process Safety Management, covering key constituent parts of effective Process Safety Management arrangements.

The course includes tasks and real-world examples, delivered in an interactive and engaging approach. Upon completion, participants will have a clear understanding of effective Process Safety Management arrangements and how they operate, which is essential for a diverse range of energy sector industries from petrochemicals, oil and gas field development, mining, fertilisers, etc.

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ePSM by SOG Academy – The beginning journey to learn PSM

ePSM course modules

ePSM by SOG Academy is an introductory e-learning course that provides a basic understanding of Process Safety Management through a learning management system (LMS). It covers essential aspects of PSM and is ideal for individuals with a keen interest in this growing field. With ePSM, you can learn at your own pace and in your own time, making it a convenient and flexible option for busy professionals.

The ePSM course is delivered in an interactive and engaging approach, with clear expectations and knowledge validation aligned with outcomes. It is designed to provide structured and guided learning, with tasks and real-world examples relevant for practice. However, it is important to note that ePSM is not intended to enable mastery of Process Safety Management. It serves as an awareness program that provides a basic understanding of the subject.

ePSM: What you need to know

SOG Academy’s ePSM is an online learning program that offers an overview of Process Safety Management (PSM).

Watch the ePSM Introduction video here :

Here is everything you need to know about this course:

1) Course Modules:

The ePSM program is a course designed to be completed at one’s own pace, and it encompasses five key components of Process Safety Management including,

Module No Module Name
Module 1 Introduction to Process Safety
Module 2 Process Safety Culture
Module 3 Process Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
Module 4 Managing Process Safety Risks
Module 5 Review and Improvement

Module 1. 

Introduction to Process Safety: Provides an overview of Process Safety Management and its importance in industrial processes. It covers key concepts such as hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk management.

Module 2. 

Process Safety Culture: Covers the importance of a positive safety culture in achieving effective Process Safety Management. It explains how to develop and maintain a safety culture that supports safe and efficient operations.

Module 3. 

Process Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment: Explains the process of identifying and assessing process hazards using various techniques such as HAZOP, FMEA, and others. It also covers the development of risk management strategies to control identified hazards.

Module 4. 

Managing Process Safety Risks: Covers the implementation of controls to manage identified process hazards. It explains the importance of effective communication, operational discipline, and incident investigation in managing process safety risks.

Module 5.

Review and Improvement: Covers the importance of continuous improvement in Process Safety Management. It explains how to develop and implement a robust management system that includes regular reviews, audits, and assessments.

2) The Trainers:

The ePSM program is developed by a team of highly skilled trainers who specialize in Process Safety Management. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program, having spent years working in the energy sector. These trainers are known for delivering engaging and interactive training programs, aimed at imparting their expertise to participants.

3) Who Can Attend:

ePSM course on process safety is tailored to meet the needs of individuals who are keen to deepen their understanding of this area.

  • The course is applicable to individuals working in any sector regardless of their position within an organisation.
  • It is particularly advantageous for those in supervisory roles for operations and maintenance, as well as facilities engineers and design personnel.
  • The course is also relevant for members of the workforce who are responsible for maintaining site safety.

Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge base or enhance your existing skills, this course is an excellent fit for anyone seeking to develop their understanding of process safety.

4)  Languages:

ePSM is offered in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia. From the LMS, students can choose the preferred language of their interest for learning ePSM.

5) How to Register:

To register for ePSM, interested individuals can contact SynergenOG via email at <>. Online registration is also available, and participants can complete the course at their own pace and convenience.

With flexible online registration and self-paced learning, ePSM is a convenient and accessible option for busy professionals in the energy sector.

Benefits of Attending ePSM Online

Attending ePSM online by SOG Academy comes with several benefits, including:

  1. Flexibility – Participants can complete the course at their own pace and convenience, without the need to attend in-person classes. This makes it easier for individuals to balance their work and personal commitments.
  2. Content – The course covers all aspects of Process Safety Management, providing participants with an understanding of the subject.
  3. Experienced trainers – The course is led by seasoned trainers who possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Process Safety Management. Their expertise ensures that participants receive the highest quality training and acquire a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.
  4. Certificate of Course Completion – Upon meeting the course requirements and successfully completing all the mandatory exercises, participants will be conferred with a Certificate of Course Completion from SynergenOG and CPD UK. This recognition serves as a testament to the participant’s dedication and commitment to the course and validates their skills in the field of Process Safety Management.
  1. Complementing the Organisation Goals – By participating in ePSM, individuals can complement organisational goals toward a safer workplace. When aligning objectives, strategies, and metrics with safety goals, those who understand process safety can contribute to an organization’s culture of vigilance, prioritise risk management, and proactively address potential hazards.


Process Safety Management (PSM) is critical for any organization that handles hazardous chemicals and materials. The consequences of not having a comprehensive PSM program in place can be catastrophic. However, with the right training and guidance, organisations can ensure the safety of their employees, the environment, and the general public. ePSM training offers a beginner-friendly, introductory course on PSM, covering all basics from regulatory compliance to best practices for managing risk.

ePSM training is an ideal starting point for organizations and individuals seeking a comprehensive overview of PSM. It offers an excellent opportunity to learn the essential aspects of PSM, create a culture of safety, and continuously improve.

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