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Azurite Redeployment For Ruche

Oil drilling in the sea azurite

The image shown here is a representation of the project and not the actual project itself. Actual images of the project would be the intellectual property of the client and hence can’t be shown.

ClientBW Offshore Pte. Ltd
ExpertiseSafety Reviews and Safety Assessments

Azurite Redeployment For Ruche

BW Offshore Pte. Ltd. (BWO) has invested in the Ruche Dussafu field, Gabon and will redeploy the Azurite FDPSO vessel (to be re-designated FPSO) for use in developing the field.  The Azurite FDPSO will in 2017 be located in a yard for renewal survey, required maintenance and repair, and to implement the necessary design changes for operation on the Ruche field.

In support of the engineering redeployment for the project, SynergenOG has conducted a series of safety reviews and safety assessments aimed to provide practical and beneficial input into the engineering design such that a cost effective, inherently safe facility may be developed, where risks are demonstrated to be fully understood and minimised in accordance to the As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) principle.