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How OSHA regulatory requirements and industry standards identify, prevent, and control exposure to hazards

The OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States has formulated several laws and regulations for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for workers. As per the OSHA Act, the responsibility for doing so lies with employers setting and implementing standards, providing training, outreach, education and assistance. There are pre-set OSHA...
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Explosion in an oil and gas articles.

Critical lessons from 6 major oil and gas industry accidents

The oil and gas industry has seen some horrific incidents in its existence. Learning from these incidents help us understand what went wrong as well as figure out what could have been done differently. 1. Piper Alpha Disaster, North Sea, UK This is by far the deadliest accident in this industry which claimed 167 lives in...
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A graphic of integrated risk assessment Articles

Integrating risk assessment

The development of a quantitative risk assessment (QRA) study is an important pre-requisite of any oil and gas facility. Thong Wee Jun and Rachael Tee, Senior Engineers with Malaysia-based Synergen, explain why these should be integrated between multiple facilities located in the same industrial area to provide a more accurate representation of risk exposure. Worldwide,...
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