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oil and gas safety
For repairs on one of the 3 processing units, Ineos, the operator of the main UK North Sea crude oil transport route is progressively reducing to 150,000 bpd flow on the Forties Pipeline System, said on Monday. A key transit route for North Sea oil, the Forties pipeline and the Forties crude blend is the...
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A 3 year inspection, repair and maintenance project has started  in central and northern North SEA for an undisclosed oil and gas company done by Netherlands-based subsea services provider, N-Sea. It will utilise N-Sea vessels and project crews for both vessel based and daughter craft-based diving plus ROV operations as stated in the contract. The...
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Front view of an oil rig for risk
Risk criteria are defined by ISO as ‘terms of reference against which the significance of a risk is evaluated’. A common approach is to divide the risk spectrum into three broad regions, where the highest risk is termed as unacceptable; lowest as acceptable and the middle region is known as ALARP (as low as reasonably...
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