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More than a week has passed since the Malaysian government mandated Movement Control Order similar to restrictions imposed by other countries globally, to minimise and control the spread of COVID-19 pandemic throughout the country beginning 18th March. With 2.5 weeks to go (following extension of MCO in Malaysia till mid April), many companies have either...
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Ground Zero  At the end of 2019, alarming news of pneumonia by unknown causes was reported. A new strain of coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, the capital city within China’s central region. The virus was called the novel coronavirus or nCoV.  The Leap Year Pandemic Fast forward to 11th March 2020, World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General,...
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We have seen major leaps in technology that has helped various industries overcome obstacles and find solutions that have revolutionised the way we work and live. With such significant results being created in industries across the board, what then has been achieve with technology in Oil & Gas?  You may have heard of ESRI, the...
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Explosion in an oil and gas articles.
The oil and gas industry has seen some horrific incidents in its existence. Learning from these incidents help us understand what went wrong as well as figure out what could have been done differently. 1. Piper Alpha Disaster, North Sea, UK This is by far the deadliest accident in this industry which claimed 167 lives in...
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