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stena_don_drilling_rig_offshore simulators

Stena Getting Offshore Rigs Back to Work with Simulators

Simulators are going to be used to ensure the rig reactivations are faster, smoother and safer to all the crew members, new and experienced. For the very first time, Stena and advanced developer and manufacturer, Drilling Systems, are working together to combine competency assessment and coaching in-the-field with the On-the-Rig (OTR) simulator. Stena highlighted that OTR helps better prepare drilling and lifting crew for rig start-ups and ongoing operations.

The company has also said it has used the simulator to successfully reactivate Stena Don semi-submersible. Stena also plans to implement OTR into Stena Forth, Stena DrillMax and Stena ICeMAx ultra-deep water drillships through the framework agreement with Drilling Systems.

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